What are the most important factors to you when looking for a job as a Developer?
We are constantly looking to improve our matching service for developers. We have created a 2 minute survey that will help us better understand what is important to you in your next job. 

We will share our findings with the community when the survey is complete.

We have listed 11 factors that could be taken into account when considering a new job.
Please score each from 0-10 in terms of how important this factor is when considering a new opportunity.
There are 3 demographic questions that complete the survey.

Job Definition *

What the job entails and how you will be spending your time.
Tech Stack *

The technologies and programming languages you will need to work with.
Team Members *

What the team around you are like.
Industry *

What business sector the company operates in.
Product *

What the product is like.
Salary *

Stock Options *

Location *

The location you will work out of.
Commute *

How long your journey to work will be.
Company Size *

How many employees the company has.
Benefits + Perks *

Inclusion of Pension, Medical Care, Car, etc.
Is there anything else that is important to you when considering a new role that we missed?

How many years of experience do you have as an engineer? *

Gender *

Thank you for your time and input. We will share our findings with the community and use this information to improve our service. 

If you would like to sign up to our service please go to https://www.workshape.io now!
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